A Benefit Supporting Possibilities: Celebrating 23 Amazing Years of Hope & Healing

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INSPIRE NASHVILLE is an event which will honor and celebrate our community and the individuals who give their heart and soul to make it what it is.  There are few places that capture the heart, open up the soul, and inspire growth and change like Nashville.  This energy and culture is made possible by the tireless efforts of those who make an impact daily by giving back to their communities and inspiring those in need.  We set out to honor those silent heroes who serve on your boards, help at your soup kitchens and make our world a better place with the annual INSPIRATION AWARD honoring inspiring service to the community.

Our goal is to select an individual whose actions and service line up with the heart and mission of Possibilities Inc. and Onsite.  We will recognize and acknowledge his or her contributions to the community while celebrating everyone who lives with a greater purpose.  Please join us as we bring together the creative forces of music and the spoken word for an unforgettable inspiring evening that you won’t forget! 

This year’s inaugural INSPIRATION AWARD goes to Pete Fisher, General Manager and Vice President at the Grand Ole Opry, whose commitment to bettering our community is inspiring beyond the boundaries of our beloved city in a way that is motivating to others through his high professional achievement and valiant personal service to others.  

* Please know that a significant portion of your ticket to Inspire Nashville will support scholarships for the non-profit foundation, Possibilities, Inc., whose mission is to educate and empower worthy individuals seeking emotional health and well-being who could not otherwise afford it.